Track Stars

What is it?

Garfield Track Stars (GTS) is an exercise program for Garfield Elementary students to keep active and be healthy while earning rewards by walking or running around the school track towards goals. Participants earn certificates and running charms...and of course the status of Marathoner. 

Why? Because it's promoting healthy lifestyles in children!


  • Students spend less time engaged in physical activity during school
  • Obesity has increased from 4.0% to 17.0% in the past twenty years for kids aged 6-11.
  • Schools provide an idea setting for teaching children and teens to adopt healthy eating and physical activity behaviors.



30 minutes~Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays: running club is always during first recess.


With 6 running club volunteers per day providing encouragement and playground safety, the students will track their running daily progress with a Lap Card. Four laps around Garfield's field or school is one mile. The Volunteers will monitor and mark the laps for each participant (see Guidelines below).

Each teacher has a box in their classroom where the students will have a lap card and a goal card. 

Lap Card=12 laps, which is 5 kilometers, or 3 miles. Each completed Lap Card receives a certificate and a running charm. When the Student has completed a Marathon, 26.2 miles, they will receive a special certificate and a marathoner charm.

GTS Volunteers


We need volunteers!


  • 6 volunteers needed per shift. We have 3 different volunteer responsibilities: 1 Run Coordinator, 2 Lap Markers, and 3 Cheerleaders (distributed for safety & encouragement).
  • Volunteer Descriptions will be provided along with your scheduled volunteer time/date(s)
  • OSD Background check form must be completed for this volunteer position.
  • Volunteer Guidelines provide you with more information about your specific shift.