November News


Themes in Play and Learning

Students are learning to take on roles in play as we move into our medical theme. We have a baby clinic with sequences to follow, an eye doctor in which we read picture and letter charts and create crazy eyeglasses, and a tasty café and book nook. There are always a variety of blocks as well. We're moving along with turn-taking and sharing and learning to communicate in new and different ways. 


We've practiced name recognition quite a bit as well as "reading" picture clues for a variety of directions and messages. Our older students are working more seriously on name writing now. We're all at different levels of drawing a person which includes making all the line formations that will come into play when writing letters. We make this fun and will also make it an almost daily practice.


Our afternoon students have an abundance of energy so we have added some motor (physical) work to their play time in class. This includes more trampoline, pogo stick, obstacle course and therapy ball experiences. Making/reading name lists for turn-taking is an additional skill that goes along with this.



  • Dr. Knickerbocker Number 9
  • The Run in Place Song
  • Cheeky Little Monkey number guessing game.
  • Abracadabra Memory Math Game (to teach vocabulary and build memory)




  • Binny's Diwali  
  • Dia de los Muertos ( Greenfield Thong/Ballesteros) 
  • Dora and Daniel Tiger both have great stories on visiting the Doctor
  • Hero Dad and Hero Mom
  • Bear Says Thanks
  • Go Away Big Green Monster
  • Is It Hanukkah Yet?


Thanks for your help with pictures and pumpkins! 

If you haven't yet, will you please provide a picture of your family? The children will use the pictures for comfort when needed, to build community, for counting, for language activities, and to beautify our space. So far, the pictures we have look BEAUTIFUL! You may email a picture to me at, or text it through Remind, or send a paper copy in your child's backpack.


If you'd like to order well priced books throughout the year and help our class earn free books, try Scholastic: you so very much to the incredible response to Scholastic so far AND for your tremendous patience with their distribution and shipping delays. 



Thursday, November 11 there are no classes due to Veteran's Day.

I am so grateful for our parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles who are serving or who have served in our military. 

School is closed November 24-26 due to Thanksgiving break.  conferences.