M.O.R.E Classes

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M.O.R.E Classes
M.O.R.E. means
More Opportunities for Recreation and Enrichment

MORE classes at Garfield Elementary are rich opportunities for both students and adult volunteers. These classes take place after school on Tuesdays through Thursdays (3:02-4:00) during six week cycles. Classes meet once or twice each week, depending on the instructor’s preference. When leading a MORE class as an adult volunteer instructor you get to share personal skills, creativities, and passions for almost any interest or hobby. And if you don’t have a specific class in mind, we’ll set you up with a ready-made class!

We do not provide snack during MORE classes and transportation is provided for all Garfield area students. 

Please volunteer!
Garfield’s after school MORE class program gives you the chance to make a difference in the lives of students who often don’t have other opportunities to take part in a sport, art, craft, music, science or other activity. Garfield students also benefit from having an additional significant adult-child relationship and from having another positive adult role model. Like classroom teachers, MORE class instructors influence students’ lives. We look forward to having you join the Garfield Family as a volunteer MORE class instructor!

Contact Linda Z. in the office for more information and to sign up to volunteer or to sign your student up for the current session!