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Follow us on Social Media
Follow us on school and district social media
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We invite all Garfield Elementary  School families, friends and community members to follow our social media channels including FacebookOpening in a new window and Instagram.


Follow OSD Social Media here: FacebookTwitterOpening in a new windowInstagramOpening in a new window and YouTubeOpening in a new window

Our Facebook page shares school updates, SnapEd resources, as well as spirit events.


The OSD Facebook page is our landing spot for in-depth content and stories about our district. Here, you will find emergency district communications, photos, videos, event postings, and content highlighting students, faculty and accomplishments. 

On the OSD Twitter page we tweet emergency district communications, photos from schools, reminders for upcoming events, and retweet valuable content from organizations in the community. 

The district Instagram account features photos and short video clips from schools, classrooms and events throughout our district. 

The Garfield Library Instagram highlights Garfield news, student projects, as well as new books, book events and library news from Ms. Beattie.