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Classified Employee of the Year

Michell O. was nominated for the Classified Employee of the Year and last week we, along with our Superintendent, honored her as the winner!

Michell represents what is most important and valuable about our classified staff. She is a critical part of our academic interventions; she provides a consistent and supportive role during our recess and lunch; she has taken on the additional role of being a leader among our classified staff in scheduling, problem-solving and on-going training, including a large group of Evergreen State College work study students at our school.

Michell is well-respected by both our classified and certificated staff members – many of whom seek her out as a resource. Students seek her out as an individual they trust and know will be fair and expect the best from them. We are so grateful for her commitment to our school and students. Her skills and strengths make us all better at our jobs.

Congratulations, Michell!