Suggested Kindergarten Supply List

All supplies are shared and used as needed and do not need to be labeled with your child's name. 

1 package Ticonderoga #2 pencils (yellow)

1 bottle Elmer’s Glue

20 glue sticks – Elmer’s brand

1 box colored pencils – 24 count

2 boxes crayons – 24 count (Not washable)

1 Crayola watercolor paints

1 box skinny Crayola markers

1 box fat Crayola markers

1 box Expo markers

2 pink pearl erasers

2 pocket folders (preferably plastic)

1 Meade composition PRIMARY notebook

(Not full page of lines, but it has blank space on top half and bottom half has headline, beltline, footline.)

1 box Kleenex (unscented)

1 large bottle hand sanitizer

1 large container disinfecting wet wipes – (Lysol or Clorox Wipes)

1 large Baby Wipes (refill package)


Girls only: Boys only:

1 box quart size bags 1 box gallon size bags

Children also need a backpack (labeled with their name visible) every day so they can carry items/papers between school and home. The backpack must be large enough to hold a 9x12 inch folder flat (not folded).