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Book Bingo:

I'm so excited to start playing Book Bingo in class! We will be playing for blackout this year.  To complete bingo, you must read 40 books! If you lose your Bingo card you can print a new one here:



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Literature Notebook Rubric

Here is our rubric for our Literature Notebooks. Click the picture to download the rubric.


Read Alouds

Here you will find a list, and a short description, of all the books we read as a read aloud in class.  A read aloud is a book that I read to the class.  The student's job during this time is to listen.  We will question, discuss, and simply enjoy every read aloud!

We began our year with this novel, it incorporated poetry into a great mystery that led to wonderful conversations about the different home lives we have.

Seedfolks is a fabulous book that highlights how we all need to work together for the common good.

This was a very fun story in which we learned about bullying, taking time to understand our classmates.

The Giver by Lois Lowry is a great read aloud that is making us really think about how we live and how "sameness" might affect our lives.


Wonder by R.J. Palacio will be our last read aloud this year.  I encourage all families to read it at home as a family as well.  It has a strong anti-bullying message and wil lead to wonderful, important conversations. Here is a link to School Library Journal's review of Wonder.


What Jamie Saw was our third read aloud.  It tugged at our hearstrings as it reminded us that we don't always know eachother's stories.  It provides topics for some great conversations in class and with families.

Sasquatch is the fifth grade read aloud at Camp Cispus.