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Elementary School

Linda Carbonneau, Counselor/Social Services Coordinator


      Counseling services are offered in the format of individual meetings, small groups, and classroom presentations.

      Group sessions are offered each trimester throughout the year. Topics of discussion include friendship skills; how to make friends, solve conflicts, adjust to changes, and understand self-management and responsibility.  Students new to Garfield are given a tour and orientation. They may also be part of a small group designed to welcome new students.


Conflict Management

Our school-wide conflict management curriculum is Kelso's Choices.  The program philosophy is simple:  Each student is smart enough and strong enough to resolve conflict.  The program empowers students with the ability to determine their own behavior and systematizes expectations of student behavior.  Students learn a structure for differentiating between small problems which they can resolve and big problems that require adult intervention. This program helps students deal with conflict in a positive manner and make appropriate choices. Parents are encouraged to become familiar with this program and use it at home.

Recess Mantras

These five reminders help students in both structured and unstructured settings throughout the school day.  They are:

  • Hands off - hands are for helping
  • Use your words, not your body to express anger, frustration, or to solve problems
  • Get help from an adult -there's always one close by
  • No retaliation - don't make the same mistake back
  • Be an ally - comfort and support, don't "get in the middle of it."


Linda Carbonneau, M.Ed.