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Elementary School

Safe Schools Alert

Safety is our top priority.  SafeSchools Alert is a reporting system that allows students, staff, and parents to submit concerns to our administration in four different ways; phone, text, email or via the web.  Anyone may easily report on bullying, harassment, alcohol/other drugs, vandalism or safety concerns through the SafeSchools Alert process.  Tips may be submitted anonymously.

Instances of harrasment, intimidation or bullying may also be reported by completing the "HIB Incident Reporting Form" found here on the OSD website.  After completing this form it may be delivered in person, by fax, or email attachment to the school principal.

If you have questions, contact your school principal or the District Compliance Officer, Jeff Carpenter at (360) 596-8544.

Published: 2015-09-29

Annual Yearly Progress Information

By federal law some schools in the Olympia School District, including Garfield Elememtary, are required to send letters to parents regarding "Annual Yearly Progress." In late August Garfield families will receive an informational letter and an AYP letter, along with a School Transfer Request form and an SES Application Form. If you have additional questions please contact principal Brendon Chertok at bchertok@osd.wednet.edu. 

Published: 2015-08-25